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PERSILA (Secretariat) (Formerly known as Persatuan Siswazah Lanjutan, PERSILA) is established as a body representing all postgraduate students (Master's Degree and Doctorate) in School of Educational Studies, Universiti Sains Malaysia. 

Periodically, PERSILA (Secretariat) provides various supports to the postgraduate students in terms of organizing various workshops,  

Therefore, do not hesitate to register yourself in PERSILA (Secretariat) and join the PERSILA (Secretariat) Telegram group through the invitation link below to receive more news and announcement made.

It is also act as a liaison with the management of the School of Educational Studies relating academic matters, development and welfare of postgraduate students. As a postgraduate student in School of Educational Studies, you will automatically become a member of PERSILA (Secretariat).

colloquiums and other activities such as visits to other universities in Malaysia as well as in other countries.



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